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Unmissable Spring events in Montepulciano and surroundings

18 April 2019

Your holiday time in Montepulciano must include, beside the visit of a long list of attractions of extraordinary beauty under a historical, naturalistic and architectural point of view, the attendance of some traditional events that take place in this area every year.

Spring and summer are ideal for spending more time in outdoor activities: luckily Montepulciano and its surroundings offer a wide range of things to do, including festivals, exhibitions, cultural events and many more. In this article you can find some remarkable traditional events that you shouldn’t miss in Montepulciano area in April, May and June. Enjoy!

Easter Festival in Montepulciano

Unmissable Spring events in Montepulciano and surroundings

Credits: theculturetrip.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/shutterstock_648202312.jpg

Easter Festival – a festival born in 2015 – is an important event for classic music lovers. The Easter Festival was conceived by Eleonora Contucci, a famous opera singer who was born in Montepulciano. The Festival takes place every year during the Easter period and includes a series of concerts and musical events held in remarkable and evocative venues around the Tuscan Medieval town. Check the scheduled concerts here: www.festivaldipasqua.it.

Holy Week celebrations in Radicofani

Fortezza di Radicofani

Are you on holiday in Montepulciano during the Holy Week?

Well, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit a small hamlet called Radicofani – 40 minutes drive from Montepulciano – where every year on Holy Friday’s night you will have the unique opportunity to attend to one of the most evocative, suggestive and rich in empathy religious processions in Italy.

Montepulciano Lake: Festa alla Casetta

If you are travelling with children or you just fancy to relax at Montepulciano’s lakeshore, it’s worth to know that every year takes place, in April, the Casetta festival. It’s a festival that hosts several food stalls where to treat yourself with the unique tastes of Val di Chiana, and also a lot of interesting activities for children and grown-ups as well, such as boat trips of the lake, fishing, birdwatching, yoga lessons and much more.

Agricultural fair in “Tre Berte” village

Tre Berte is a village next to Montepulciano where every year, in the first days of May, the Agricultural Fair takes place. The topic of this fair is, of course, agriculture, and here you can find food stalls with local dishes and classic products of the area, a nice and coloured market area and live music. A nice opportunity to attend to a festival and immerse yourself in the truest local tradition!

Spring Feast

Spring Feast is held every year during the first week of June in Montepulciano. It’s a good opportunity for enjoying your holiday and leisure time and have fun in a truly popular and local atmosphere. Here too you will find food stalls, traditional and local specialties from Val di Chiana, a local market, live music and entertainment for children and grown ups as well.

The Ladies of the Barrel competition

Credits: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/botti-botti-di-legno-legno-54208/

The Barrel Ladies competition is a unique event that you will hardly find everywhere else. So, if you can pop around in June, please don’t miss it! The competition is held on a special

itinerary around Montepulciano’s streets: here, a group of ladies challenge each other by pushing barrels up to the finish line. This funny competition is followed every year by a rich dinner with genuine dishes and fine wine.



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