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Wines and Cellars

A Noble tradition with a record of excellence

Discover Borgo Tre Rose Wines

Just a short stroll from the country hotel is Cantina Tre Rose, where the wine is laid down to age in bottles before it is sampled in our restaurant or purchased to be brought home as your souvenir of an unforgettable stay.

The soil here is actually quite different to the rest of Tuscany: that is what gives our vineyards their extraordinary characteristics and the hamlet its vocation for everything that cannot be imitated, from the landscape to the courteous hospitality shown to guests.

Tre Rose Estate covers 200 hectares and has various types of landscapes and a unique microclimate, resulting from the encounter between the chilly temperature of inland Tuscany and the climate of Lake Trasimeno, which moderates its harshness.

That is why Sangiovese grapes (the Prugnolo Gentile variety) ripen here in a unique way, conveying character, mellowness and extraordinary nuances on the wines of the Estate.

Explore vineyards and the cellar

Admire the contours of the hills rolling away to the horizon, where the rows of vines are arranged in an amphitheatre formation to beautify the landscape and highlight the link between the hamlet and its award-winning wines.

Stay at Borgo Tre Rose and you can visit the cellar by participating in a guided tour including tasting of 4 wines produced in our Estate, an exclusive opportunity to discover how the latest technologies have been grafted on to traditional winemaking techniques to refine the wines that symbolise this part of Tuscany.

The tour begins in the vineyards that lie around the historic winery and continues on to the sixteenth-century Villa, a tasteful former residence of Cardinal Silvio Passerini, where you will be regaled with anecdotes and curiosities concerning the origins of the estate.

The jewels of Tre Rose Estate

Here is our selection of fine wines:

Salterio, a vibrant red colour with purple veins; it is agreeable and velvety and can be drunk throughout the meal.

Simposio, Vino Nobile DOCG, the prime expression of pure Sangiovese, the epitome of the classical style.

Santa Caterina, Vino Nobile DOCG, is emblematic of the estate’s ancient origins. The Feast of Santa Caterina is celebrated on 25 November and marks the end of the grape harvest.

Vin Santo di Montepulciano, with intense aromas and fruity notes, it is the ideal partner for Tuscan cantucci and dessert after your meal.


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